If you are new to Achieve Gymnastics Center, please register for classes on our Schedule page. If you have already set up an account with us, you can log into the Parent Portal to update your information, enroll your gymnast in additional classes and open gyms, and view fees and payments posted.

Enrollment, Payment, and Absences
  1. It is possible to join a class whenever there is room. Our small class sizes enable our coaches to adapt their lesson plans to the skill level of each gymnast.
  2. There are NO membership or registration fees.
  3. When you register, you pay for the classes remaining in the current month. After that, your payment will automatically be processed on the 1st of each month, and you will receive an email receipt when it has been approved. 

    When you enroll, we assume that you will continue taking classes until you let us know otherwise. This is because most students do not like taking breaks from gymnastics so it is easier for families to not have to remember to re-enroll. It is also easier for AGC's planning and staffing. If you would like to switch your class to a different day or time, please let us know and we can discuss the ideal timing to make a change.
  4. Please email us at info@achievegymnasticscenter.com if you would like to stop taking classes. We pro-rate tuition so if you stop taking classes in the middle of the month, you only pay for the classes you are enrolled for. We very much appreciate you letting us know before we charge for the next month of classes to avoid needing to do a refund.
  5. You must submit absences through the Parent Portal at least 2 hours before the class if you are going to miss the class. We require 1 hour notice for a 9:00AM class. We will enter credits for absences taken in the current month to reduce the next month’s tuition. If you are not continuing classes into the next month, absence credits will be lost. 

    We give absence credits rather than offer make-up classes at AGC. This is a unique policy in the gymnastics world, and we strongly feel it benefits everyone for several reasons:
  • In our experience, having a student join a different class for a make-up can make things more challenging for the child and the other kids in the class.
  • We pride ourselves on maintaining low student-to-coach ratios so we do not want to add someone to a class that is already full.  
  • It does not always fit into a family’s schedule to cram an additional class into the next week.
  • We do not want parents to feel uncomfortable with the choice to call in sick for fear of not getting their money’s worth. Please stay home if your child is feeling sick. 
  1. We pro-rate tuition, meaning we charge for the number of classes in the month.  This means that the charge is not the same every time. Here is how it works:
  • All classes have their own price-per-class, which you can find on our classes page. The price displayed during enrollment is an example of a month with four classes.
  • The price for a given month will reflect the number of classes there are in that month, and then we adjust for credits for excused absences from the previous month.
  • SO- closures for holidays, shorter months, and the way the days of the week fall when one month transitions to the next will all affect the price in a given month, even though the price per class is the same.

Class Policies: Let’s be safe and have fun!
  1. Gymnasts should wear a well-fitting leotard or loose clothing that allows for movement. Tight fitting shorts without buttons or zippers are allowed. Socks are optional for beginning levels of gymnastics, but being barefoot is ideal. If socks are making a child slip on the beam or tumbl trak though, we might ask them to take them off. Dangling jewelry, zippers, buckles or any accessories on clothing that stick out are NOT allowed as they may injure the gymnast or damage the equipment.
  2. If your gymnast has long hair, please have it tied back and out of their eyes. It’s always a good idea to have some extra hair ties with you (most kids don’t mind wearing these on their wrists).
  3. You are welcome to bring a filled water bottle for your gymnast to keep in the gym area during class, or they may use the water fountains. Liquids besides water, gum and food are not allowed in the gym area.
  4. We ask that everyone who comes in the building use the hand sanitizer provided. We will keep you updated on our COVID safety policies. Please do not come to class if you are sick.
  5. Please arrive 5 minutes early to allow time to get ready for class. Gymnasts must leave shoes and coats in the locker room and should use the bathroom before class, if possible. Parents must also leave shoes in the locker room before going into the gym (parent-tot class or open gym).
  6. Parents are welcome to stay and watch from the viewing area. If your child is at least 5 years old and independent, you may drop off and pick up your gymnast when class ends. Please make sure we have your cell phone number on file in case we need to reach you.
  7. If you choose to stay and watch, please do not knock on the windows or coach and distract your child from the viewing area. We will call you into the gym if we need your assistance. If you need your child during class please ask the person at the front desk for help.
  8. In the viewing area, please keep the noise level to a minimum and take phone calls outside. Siblings are very welcome in the viewing area but please do not leave them unattended and clean up after yourselves when you leave.
  9. We have first aid kits on site if a minor injury occurs. In the rare case of a more serious injury, we would escalate attention and care as needed and let you know as soon as possible.
  10. We encourage gymnasts to ask questions and talk to their coach if they need help, feel unsure or scared. Please let us know if there is something specific that would be helpful for the coach to be aware of.
  11. Our coaches may be available for a short chat after class. Please make sure to say hello and ask any questions! If you have any concerns you would like to discuss with our owners, please let us know right away. The best way to reach us is to email info@achievegymnasticscenter.com.

We are so excited we get to teach your kids gymnastics! We want you to have an incredible experience at our gym. If you love it, please tell your friends about AGC. You are welcome to tag us on social media and/or email us a testimonial about your experience. We really appreciate it!