Gymnastics is an incredible sport! 

Learning gymnastics means developing strength, skills, and coordination. It also helps develop determination and confidence, respect and communication, and how to approach new challenges. Gymnasts learn to keep trying if something doesn’t work the first time and that hard work pays off.

They develop social skills like
  • taking turns,
  • cheering on classmates,
  • and sympathizing when a friend is having trouble
They practice
  • following directions,
  • listening to corrections,
  • trusting their coach,
  • and believing in their own abilities

We not only teach gymnastics skills but we also help guide our students as they learn and practice lifelong skills. At AGC, our coaches understand how valuable this is and feel honored to be a part of helping our students grow as people.

We believe coaching is an art. Being an amazing coach means so much more than telling gymnasts to point their toes (see below!). Many things separate a decent coach from one that makes a difference in a child’s life, and we pride ourselves on having an incredible team of coaches.

Our coaches:
  • use creative and effective stations and drills, AND make it fun
  • utilize different approaches depending on the kids’ age, skill level, and even the group dynamic
  • recognize that there are visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners, and that part of the coach’s job is to figure out what works best for each student
  • keep athletes safe as they learn and make mistakes
  • lead gymnasts through exercises that help them build strength, develop muscle memory, and feel confident with a skill
  • give positive feedback and reinforcement along with corrections to help students build confidence. They help them understand it’s ok to not get something right away, and step in to guide a gymnast if they are struggling
  • give their students challenges to keep them motivated, while also making sure they don’t get frustrated by too much of a challenge. This is an important balance!
  • are always learning and adapting to become better themselves

At AGC, we want gymnasts to have an amazing experience. The coaches make this happen! Our senior coaches have many years of experience teaching gymnastics, and through our training program, we make sure junior coaches are ready and able to provide the same high quality coaching to our students.