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    This group of young gymnasts meets for 90 minutes each week to work on developing strength, body-awareness, focus and determination. We concentrate on the building blocks of great technique and correct progressions on vault, bars, beam and floor (the four competitive events in women’s gymnastics). Pre-team practice is more intensive than our recreational classes so the gymnasts can feel how team practices work. This experience also lets the coaches see if the gymnasts are ready for the higher commitment level of competitive gymnastics.
    There are two USA Gymnastics programs in which a gymnast can compete at AGC: the Xcel and DP programs. Our goal is to find the right fit for each gymnast as we work with them during practice and develop skills, understand their commitment level, flexibility, dedication and work ethic. Gymnasts may be able to switch between programs as their coaches see fit.
    • Xcel – This program is more accessible for competitive gymnasts who want to spend fewer hours in the gym. Routines are constructed for each gymnast focusing on their individual strengths. Gymnasts in this program compete routines that must fulfill specific requirements; however, there is some flexibility in how those requirements are met.
    • DP – The Development Program (formerly known as JO- Junior Olympic program), is more rigorous as gymnasts have to compete compulsory routines in levels two through five. This means every gymnast in the United States competes the same exact routines and we do not have the opportunity to pick and choose what skills to include. Once they score out of level five, they move on to optionals in levels six through ten where they still fulfill very specific requirements for each level.
    Competitive gymnasts at Achieve Gymnastics Center practice 2-4 times a week, 3 hours each practice. Generally, the practice time spent at the gym increases as the gymnast progresses to higher levels and more difficult skills. We ask that you commit to a practice schedule for the whole year and that we re-evaluate it after each competition season wraps up. Competitive gymnastics is a year-round commitment. Every competition season follows the same cycle, which can be divided into three phases:
    1. At the beginning of the competitive year, we build skills and strength using drills and conditioning exercises.
    2. We begin to string these skills together to start developing routines. Towards the end of this phase, we have full routines on each apparatus that we practice over and over again to get ready for competition.
    3. Once competition season starts we go to meets every 2-3 weeks (about 6-7 meets in the span of 3-4 months). At practice we focus on fixing mistakes and polishing our routines.
    Teams are an amazing choice for skilled gymnasts who absolutely love the sport and want to dedicate more time and energy to it with other gymnasts who share their passion.
How to be part of Pre-team or Team Programs
    Gymnasts in our recreational classes may be invited to try out for teams, or if you are new to our gym, we can do an evaluation to see if your gymnast and our teams and coaching philosophy would be a good fit. Our About Us page discusses our approach to coaching and gymnastics as a whole. Please feel free to reach out to Coach Susan with questions at susan@achievegymnasticscenter.com. Our experienced coaches are excited to help every gymnast reach their full potential and develop a passion for this amazing sport!