Competitive Team

We are excited to announce that in January 2023 we started our first competitive gymnastics team at AGC! Our competitive gymnasts practice 6 hours a week. 

Competitive gymnastics is a year-round commitment. Every competition season follows the same cycle, which can be divided into three phases: 

  1. At the beginning of the competitive year, we build skills and strength using drills and conditioning exercises.
  2. We begin to string these skills together to start developing routines. Towards the end of this phase, we have full routines on each apparatus that we practice over and over again to get ready for competition.
  3. Once competition season starts we go to meets every 2-3 weeks (about 6-7 meets in the span of 3-4 months). At practice we focus on fixing mistakes and polishing our routines. 

We are planning to start competing with our first group of team gymnasts in the beginning of 2024 - stay tuned for updates and photos throughout the year on our social media!

Competitive gymnastics is an amazing choice for skilled gymnasts who absolutely love the sport and want to dedicate more time and energy to it with other gymnasts who share their passion. 

How to be part of our Team Program

At this point our team spots are filled up, but we are planning to start more teams throughout the year! Our coaches are keeping an eye on our recreational gymnasts looking for competitive potential and will contact families with more information about the team as they see fit.

Our ABOUT page discusses our approach to coaching and gymnastics as a whole.  Please feel free to reach out to Coach Susan with questions at

Our experienced coaches are excited to help every gymnast reach their full potential and develop a passion for this amazing sport!