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Meet the Staff

Coach Susan Some fun facts about me:
  • My real name is Zsuzsanna – ask me how it’s pronounced if you’d like a fun linguistic adventure
  • Years coaching gymnastics: more than 10
  • Favorite healthy food: roasted brussels sprouts (with bacon, but it still counts!)
  • Favorite dessert: Dobos torta (Google it!)
  • Languages: besides English, I speak Hungarian (as I was born and raised in Pécs, a small town on the southern border of Hungary). I can also read and understand some German, and sing several songs in Spanish, French and Hebrew
  • Pets: my dog Bodza, our guinea pig Potato and our bunny Bamboo
  • Hobbies: hiking with my husband and 3 children, kayaking, biking, working on art projects like throwing pottery, crocheting, and paint by numbers. Of course I also LOVE to do gymnastics myself
  • Role at AGC: Director of Operations & Head Coach
  • I love coaching because I get to see how gymnasts grow and help them learn through making mistakes and trying hard. I think gymnastics is the best (and possibly the most difficult) sport there is!

Coach Callie Some fun facts about me:

  • My first name is Rachel but I go by my middle name, Callie.
  • Years coaching gymnastics: 7
  • Favorite healthy food: strawberries
  • Favorite dessert: chocolate peanut butter ice cream
  • Languages: besides English, I speak some Spanish and Hebrew (I was pretty fluent in both at the end of high school).  I can still understand quite a bit
  • Pets: our husky/collie dog Bacon, and our cat Lucy
  • Hobbies: swing dancing, snowboarding, doing gymnastics myself, and chasing our high-energy toddler around
  • Role at AGC: Owner/Preschool Director & Coach
  • I love coaching because it’s so rewarding to see my students learning and succeeding, and it is really fun to see the personality of each kid come out.  I grew up in the DC area and did recreational gymnastics from ages 3-12.  I went to UW Madison and now live in Verona with my husband Sonny, stepdaughter Evelyn (10 years old), and daughter Kaitlyn (2.5 years old).

Groundskeeper Sonny
Some fun facts about me:

  • Years coaching gymnastics: 0
  • Favorite healthy food: sugar-free Greek yogurt
  • Favorite dessert: donuts
  • Languages: English
  • Pets: our husky/collie dog Bacon, and our cat Lucy 
  • Hobbies: weekend warrior at the gym, getting my kids to say weird things, finding decorations for my office
  • Role at AGC: Owner/All-rounder
  • I do my best to make sure the coaches at AGC can focus on what they do best. That means I’m in charge of groundskeeping, marketing, bookkeeping, etc, etc… at least until we decide to call in a professional. I grew up in Cedarburg, just north of Milwaukee. I went to UW-Madison for my undergrad and graduate degrees. I live in Verona with my wife Callie (see above) and two daughters, Evelyn and Kaitlyn.