AGC does not assign levels. We do have an internal system for keeping track of the gymnasts' development and progress, which helps their coaches prepare to challenge them in class. There are several reasons for this policy:

  • Skill development in gymnastics is not always linear. Sometimes a gymnast learns a skill and then loses it. Progress is affected by growth spurts and developmental milestones as gymnasts' bodies and minds change. This is common in gymnastics, but can be difficult to explain to kids and families. We do not assign levels because a gymnast may feel like they are regressing if they have to relearn a skill.
  • Kids will often be stronger in some events and skills than others, and our coaches make sure that each gymnast is challenged appropriately throughout their class. When gyms assign levels, it can be confusing for a gymnast to understand that they are working on level "X" on floor, "Y" on bars", and "Z" on beam and vault.
  • Progress is always happening and gymnasts are constantly gaining understanding, strength, coordination, body control, and parts of skills, even if they are not learning an entirely new skill every week. We don't want our gymnasts to focus on getting to the next official level or compare themselves to their friends. Instead, we want them to recognize the small steps and successes that eventually lead to learning more advanced skills.

Thank you for trusting that our wonderful coaches are challenging each gymnast appropriately. Please let us know if you have any questions about what we are working on. We would love to discuss it with you!